HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
HOMME BOX - My Gift Box
My Gift Box


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What is Homme Box ?

Homme in French means Man. Homme Box is a monthly subscription box with curated fashion and grooming products for Men. Every month 4 to 6  full products from leading brands are selected to be delivered  to you.

What are the products included in the Homme Box?

Each month  Homme Box will contain a selection of 4 -6 trendy products that may include

    • Men's Wear
    • Trousers
    • Shirt
    • Blazers
    • Back Pack
    • Wallet
    • Fragrance
    • Skincare
    • Accessories
    • Socks etc
    Are these samples?

    The products included in the Homme Box are not samples but full products.

    What are the Brands included in the Homme Box ?

    We do partner with many leading brands and make the best range of lifestyle and grooming products for men available at an affordable price to try and experience.

    Can we know the products available in the Homme Box ?

    We create inspiring boxes. The real surprise is the wait for the Homme Box to arrive each month filled with the best products for you. The list of products in Homme Box will be available on the website once they are shipped each  month. Also you can check the  previous boxes in the Box Archives section of our website to know of the products. We can assure you will get the best fashion and other products for Men from leading Indian and Global brands.

    When will my I receive my Homme Box?

    For all subscriptions made till 25th of the present month Adam Box will be shipped brtween the 8th and 10th of the following month and it will reach you in 3 -5 business days.

    What are the different Subscriptions available for Homme Box?

    There  are 4 subscription plans available.

      • Monthly – 1 Month
      • Quarterly – 3 months
      • Half Yearly – 6 Months
      • Yearly – 12 Months

      The subscriptions will be billed for the entire period of subscription when you place the order.

      Cancellations are accepted if you send a request before the deadline of the 15th of the expiring month.

      What are the charges for shipping of Homme Box?

      Shipping is free and included for all Subscriptions across India.

      We deliver to your doorstep

      Every month our boxes are delivered by courier or speed post to your doorstep. At present we deliver only in India.

      Have a look at our FAQ section to answer more of your questions


      Please choose the required size and other details from below and enter it in the comments box

      Shirt Size :Small (S) . Medium (M)  . Large (L)  . Extra Large (XL)  , Double Extra Large (XXL)

      Formal Shirt Type : Single color , Check , Striped , Pattern

      T Shirt Type : Plain , Graphics , Assorted

      T Shirt : Collared , Crew Neck , Hooded

      Colors : White , Black , Blue , Grey ,Beige , Pink , Red  , Orange ,Yellow  , Cream , Brown

      Trouser Waist Size (in inches)  : 29 ,30 ,31 ,32 ,33 ,34,36 ,38,40,42 ,44

      Jeans : Straight , Tight , Relaxed

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