Daffy Duck Cologne 100ml Unisex - My Gift Box
Daffy Duck Cologne 100ml Unisex - My Gift Box
Marmol & Son

Daffy Duck Cologne 100ml Unisex

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Daffy Duck by Marmol & Son Cologne. The Looney Tunes have been cartoon icons for decades. To celebrate that, Marmol & Son have come out with a fantastic fragrance based off of Daffy Duck. This cologne is perfect for men of all ages, from young boys to full-grown adults. This product was released in 2012. The primary notes found within this fragrance include fresh mint leaves, clary sage and lemon peel. You will also find addition scents of wild lavender and crushed herbs. Anyone who is a fan of Daffy’s antics is sure to get a kick out of this.

While the Looney Tunes are the property of Warner Bros., this fragrance is brought to you by Marmol & Son. This brand specializes in designer fragrances, and they have licenses to create perfumes and colognes based off various properties, including Looney Tunes. The brand has been making these fragrances since 2001, and anyone who is a fan of Daffy Duck should definitely get a whiff of this.

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