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Angry Birds Rio Perfume 100ml

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Angry Birds Rio by Air Val International Perfume. Children often become interested in the glamour and elegance of perfumes when they see adults using them. While parents may not want their kids getting into their expensive fragrances, Air-Val International has created a line of kid-friendly perfumes. Angry Birds Rio is a perfume inspired by the Angry Birds game that was a tie-in to the Rio movies. In creating youth fragrances, Air-Val International generally chooses subtle, more natural scents for children’s sensitive noses. The top notes of Angry Birds Rio are light with hints of bergamot and grapefruit complemented by a gentle waft of bitter orange to give the fragrance a little tartness. The heart notes contain cassis, rose and orange blossom. The base note features a subtle dash of musk like an adult’s perfume. It is perfect for bath time or any special occasion for which your child wants to dress up.

The bottle is a simple sprayer with a circular shape. The cap has a picture of Blu, the main character of the Rio movies. The label features the Angry Birds characters Red, Chuck and Blu.

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